Text Exchange Pro - History

This list contains only important updates. Smaller updates are not listed.

  September 15 2002  First official release of the script. This release is based on the same technology as Easy Banner Pro 2.1 and contains a few additional functions.

  October 1 2002  Version 1.1 New features for admin - search feature and ability to display list of accounts on several pages - it's useful for bigger exchanges with 100's members.

  December 10 2002  Version 1.2 New detailed stats for each link, improved database backup, added standard header and footer available on all pages, public statistic available for all visitors, bugs fixed.

  March 3 2003  Version 1.5 Increased support for sponsored links, the script which shows links has been optimized so now it works faster, increased anti-cheat protection, more user-friendly Admin Area, a few little features added or increased.

  September 19 2003  Version 2.0 Lot of new features, for example graphical statistics for hours (today only), days, months ago, users can use plain HTML as their ads, many new functions for admin, improved anti-cheat protection and more.

  September 15 2004  Version 3.0 The biggest update in the history of this script, all files have been rewritten to work even more reliably. Now you can have unlimited numbers of ad sizes, each user can have an unlimited number of ads in each size, added support for multiple styles and/or languages, a lot of new features for admin, many more.

  September 8, 2006 Version 3.5 Another major upgrade. Added the option to exchange also clicks, added country targeting, added the option to log URL and country of each impression/click, exchange users can purchase additional clicks/impressions, advertisers and exchange users can pay automatically by Paypal IPN, many more.

  December 21, 2007 Version 4.0 System totally redesigned, it now offers the option to create Google style ads. Added coupon codes, list of rejected ads for each user, ticket system, option for users to pay automatically by 2CheckOut.com, the payment system has been simplified (it's no more necessary to use packages, users can order clicks and impressions directly), admin can predefine any number of email messages (templates), added the option to email inactive users, optimized the log of countries and country targeting (these features now need only 15% of the resources needed in older versions). Many other features have been added and updated.

  May 5, 2009 Version 5.0 Added more statistics and graphs, public and user pages have been redesigned, added new menu for users. Many features in users area and in administration updated and improved.

  July 14, 2010 Version 6.0 Added lotteries, flash charts, map which shows countries were it shows ads, also other features have been updated.

  September 2, 2012 Version 7.0 New design of public pages, maps in users area, users can optionally pay for membership, new statistics, many other features have been updated.

Link Up Gold

Complete solution to create your own search engine and web directory with links, videos, blogs, articles and news. Other available features include users registration, polls, message board, the opportunity to earn money from advertising links, many more.

Ad Manager Pro

Quality ads management system and ad server, many available ad types, for example banners, text based ads, multiple DHTML ad types, video ads, page peel ads, takeover ads. Also included are detailed statistics with flash charts, unlimited ad sizes/zones/ads, paid ads.

Easy Banner Pro

The best banner exchange system. A solution to create your own banner exchange network and get free advertising and/or sell the network traffic. Detailed, graphical statistic. Unlimited banner sizes. Free and paid banners, 100's advanced unique features.

Text Exchange Pro

An unique text exchange script. Default templates with Google style text ads, any other text ad types can be created. Your users display links/ads of other users on their sites. You, as the owner of the exchange system take part of the impressions and clicks to advertise your own sites or for sale.