Link Up Gold

Our award winning software package provides you with the ability to build a truly custom search engine. It can be used to build and run a general web directory site or your own specific vertical market of information and links. Link Up Gold generates pages online ensuring all data, links and statistics are constantly kept current. Our software can be used to build every type of search engine portal system.

Some of the features and benefits include:

- unlimited number of categories in an unlimited number of levels,
- unlimited number of links,
- sponsor links so you can to generate advertising income,
- rating system,
- fully customizable pages,
- article posting,
- blacklist feature,
- unlimited number of administrators (and various access rights),
- integrated polls,
- incoming and outgoing hits counters,
- multi-sorting link capability (date, admin rating, hits out, hits in, title or description),
- up to five mailing lists,
- and much more.

See our demo to try some of the features and benefits. A full listing of features may be found here.

Link Up Gold Testimonials

After years of providing this excellent product we have accumulated a LOT of fans and satisfied customers. Read for yourself what some have said:

Just a word again (this is not the first time) to thank you for your outstanding support you gave me since Sept. 5th 2005 when I posted my first support question.
If some of you are potential buyers, I can guarantee you that not only the scripts are excellent but the support is outstanding! In fact, I would never has started any projects at all if I would not had feel confident that there were a "waa!" team behind the scripts.
You can check under quebecostarica for all the posts I made since that date. If any of you want to contact me personally to check if this is really true, please feel free to contact me anytime.
Seven years being an happy customer!
Here are the 3 sites that uses scripts from PHPWebScripts team:
1) - Hydroponics-Aquaponics Directory
2) - Internet Marketing Public Library
3) - New site about gourmet food in Costa Rica
As I always say: " Scrips are one thing, support is everything!"
Roger Pilon, Editor

The Link Up Gold is the best value and most feature packed directory script I have ever seen. I spent weeks searching for a script that would meet my needs and tested many that promised half of what Link Up Gold offers at twice the price. And I'm certain none could ever provide the outstanding support I have received with responses to my questions often received within minutes. I've been using Link Up Gold to automate my site for almost two years and would recommend it to anyone looking for a directory script.
Simon, Owner of Insurance Company Directory

After attempting to work with other PHP script developers, I simply can not say enough good about The products are so well engineered to deliver all the right stuff for seamless website advertising sales and management. Richard is the nicest and best customer service/tech support EVER. With their wonderful software and his generous help, my sites have exceeded my original visions by far. If professional web advertising management is your have arrived! - J. P. - Internet entrepreneur.

When I first began my journey in directory building I spent hours to search for the right product. I searched for an easy, complete and functional also customizable script maybe for over 3 months. I was interesting in some scripts that I found, I sent them couple of pre-purchase questions but always received no answers after my second or third question. I told myself if I cannot get even answers for my pre-purchase questions why should I buy a script.
Then I found Link Up Gold. My first impression was good. Script was OK, it was customizable, functional and solid. The first thing that I noticed was the functions and options of Link Up Gold. You can customize every single thing in this script.
The most important thing is the support. I don't want to exacurate but I can give 10 points without hesitating to Link Up Gold support... Yes, my shortest time to get an answer from support was not even 2 minutes. You have an excellent support, whatever I ask was a matter of minutes than all answered, all solved. Make suggestions, ask customizations, think wise... Because they have answers.
If you are looking to buy a script, if you value CONTINIOUS SUPPORT and problem solving answers don't even think, purchase Link Up Gold you will NEVER regret. True value for your money.
Burcay, Affiliate Programs Directory

You know when you buy software from a company on the internet, there are two fears. First, you're worried that the software won't work. Second, you're afraid that there will be no support, and the money you've spent is gone. I've been there, and have been left out in the cold (twice). This naturally costs me more money, and more importantly my time. I was on a website and someone mentioned Link Up Gold, and kept going on about their great service, and their product. I thought, "Well it can't be THAT good." I was right: IT'S BETTER. The software was cheaper than the previous product I got stranded with, had more features and their support was PHENOMENAL. It was up and running in no time, and I configured the software to give me just what I wanted. Any questions I had were answered so quickly, it was like they were sitting right next to me. As a corporate trainer of "Customer Service" classes, I can honestly say PHP Web Scripts and their support staff pass with an A+.
Dave Jackson

I have purchased many scripts and usually as soon as they get the money you cannot get them to help with anything unless you want to pay more money. Link Up Gold is a great script as is all of their scripts but you cannot put a price on their tech support. I have had this script up and running and every step of the way, if I needed answers to questions or help these guys were on top of it. I recently had a hacker mess up my site bad. I purchased Link Up Gold 18 months ago and when I emailed for help they got my site running almost immediately. If not for there great tech support my site would not even be on the Internet now. Theses guys are great!

This script is great!!! I have been looking for a script which would at a reasonable price together with the entire features we need. We looked all over the internet for a decent script which can be search engine friendly. No other scripts have provided the entire feature we needed except Link Up Gold. This script has satisfied our needs and still continues to show its reliability, very user friendly and very customizable to the look and feel we needed. Not only is this script excellent and well worth the money the customer service is out standing. All our email has been answered less then 3-4 hours. The staff has been very helpful and I'm glad to be having purchased this script. I recommend it 10/10 for the script and 10/10 for the customer service. Buy this scripts you wont regret it.

Link Up Gold, has so many portability features, which makes it easy to update, add, change etc. from any browser. I was interested in the mobility and the sponsor ads for seperate pages. I am glad I made the investment in you product. You have earned every bit of it. Your support is great.

You have the best script I have work with... And I have test and work with many php scripts.

I'm more than satisfied with this script. Really awesome software!

I just have to say I love this script, the new additions are great! and the tech support is incredible!

Its working great.

Nice one! Getting to like this script more and more!

Just getting to grips with this excellent script.

Great program .. I'm highly impressed.

Again Linkup Gold is awesome, i love working with it.

I think your scripts are good. Nice job.

I've just tested it and its perfect! Well done!

Script as is though, is loaded with features and easy as all get out to install. I'd have to give it 5 stars! I'm that impressed!

Link Up Gold

Complete solution to create your own search engine and web directory with links, videos, blogs, articles and news. Other available features include users registration, polls, message board, the opportunity to earn money from advertising links, many more.

Ad Manager Pro

Quality ads management system and ad server, many available ad types, for example banners, text based ads, multiple DHTML ad types, video ads, page peel ads, takeover ads. Also included are detailed statistics with flash charts, unlimited ad sizes/zones/ads, paid ads.

Easy Banner Pro

The best banner exchange system. A solution to create your own banner exchange network and get free advertising and/or sell the network traffic. Detailed, graphical statistic. Unlimited banner sizes. Free and paid banners, 100's advanced unique features.

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