Ad Manager Pro - PHP Ad Server

Ad Manager Pro is the most complete ad management solution available. It's a very flexible system, you can use it for one or more of these purposes:

Manage ads on your site(s)
Sell impressions and/or clicks to advertisers
Purchase impressions and/or clicks from publishers

These features may bring you an interesting income.

You and your users have a particular statistic on each ad (hourly, daily, monthly statistic), also a graphical statistic is available. Each ad may be used in up to 5 campaigns, each campaign can be configured separately.

Ad Manager Pro has a lot of advanced features, for example a support for any number of ad sizes, an option to use classic banners (jpg, png, gif, swf formats), plain text/HTML ads as well as ads based on templates. There is available a real time and historical statistic, advertising and publishing accounts, all public pages are based on templates (all pages are editable in any HTML editor) and many more. A list of the most important features can be found here.

Ad Manager Pro is written in PHP language and uses MySQL database. It means that the script is fast and can be used for high traffic sites.

Ad Manager Pro Testimonials

After years of providing this excellent product we have accumulated a lot of fans and satisfied customers. Read for yourself what some have said:

We at had been looking for a cost effective, robust advertising system and we are glad that we found this Ads Manager. It's cool, easy and very useful. Highly recommended for anyone who wants to start there own advertising system.

I am most impressed with Ad Manager Pro. It does everything we want plus a heap of other stuff too. I installed it myself and was pleased that the installation was not difficult and that it all went thru successfully first time. How often does that happen! However, I did need some help with customising the script so I contacted support and was so impressed by the service offered that I just had to write a review. If every software company offered excellent support like this, the web would be a much better place.
Tony from The Gender Society

I have purchased many scripts and usually as soon as they get the money you cannot get them to help with anything unless you want to pay more money. All of their scripts are great but you cannot put a price on their tech support. I have had these scripts up and running and every step of the way, if I needed answers to questions or help these guys were on top of it. I purchased Link Up Gold and Ad Manager Pro 18 months ago and when I emailed for help they got my site running almost immediately. If not for there great tech support my site would not even be on the Internet now. Theses guys are great!

Again Ad Manager Pro is awesome, i love working with it.

Link Up Gold

Complete solution to create your own search engine and web directory with links, videos, blogs, articles and news. Other available features include users registration, polls, message board, the opportunity to earn money from advertising links, many more.

Ad Manager Pro

Quality ads management system and ad server, many available ad types, for example banners, text based ads, multiple DHTML ad types, video ads, page peel ads, takeover ads. Also included are detailed statistics with flash charts, unlimited ad sizes/zones/ads, paid ads.

Easy Banner Pro

The best banner exchange system. A solution to create your own banner exchange network and get free advertising and/or sell the network traffic. Detailed, graphical statistic. Unlimited banner sizes. Free and paid banners, 100's advanced unique features.

Text Exchange Pro

An unique text exchange script. Default templates with Google style text ads, any other text ad types can be created. Your users display links/ads of other users on their sites. You, as the owner of the exchange system take part of the impressions and clicks to advertise your own sites or for sale.