Easy Banner Pro - Features

Main Features

  • Very easy to customize banner exchange system
  • Support for these banner formats: gif, jpg, png, swf (Flash), plain text/HTML
  • Unlimited number of banner sizes, unlimited number of banners in each of them (admin set maximum allowed number of banners)
  • Unlimited number of categories, these can be different for each banner size
  • The option to exchange impressions or clicks or both
  • Ads can be targeted by countries, time zones, days in week
  • Alt tag for banners is supported
  • Banners can be stored on servers of their owners or on your banner exchange server
  • Sponsored ads - possibility to sell banner impressions and/or clicks
  • Public toplist - list of the most active users
  • Public page which informs your visitors about number of users, number of banners displayed etc.
  • All public pages support multiple styles. This feature can be also used to create a multi-language system
  • If your server time and local time are different, the time may be automatically converted to the local time
  • Blacklist and ignored IP feature
  • Ability to install the script more than once and use the same database (titles of your tables may be changed)
  • Easy installation - you only need enter a few fields in the setup form (mySQL database data) and the script will do the rest
  • 1-year or 3-year free updates, depending on the license you purchase
  • No visible link to us on public pages, many other scripts bother users by this link
  • The lowest prices on the market
  • 100's more features ...

Features for Users

  • Real time statistics, detailed statistic for each banner
  • Detailed graphical statistic for each hour, day and month
  • Automatic email to new users
  • New users are asked to click on a confirmation link sent by email (optional)
  • New users are asked to agree with Rules (optional)
  • New users can automatically get free credits (optional)
  • Users can get bonus impressions for each click on their pages, so they are concerned to add the banner exchange code to a prominent place
  • Each user may have individual exchange ratio and individual number of extra credits for each click
  • Each user can select all or up to 5 individual categories of banners which should be displayed on his/her pages
  • Users can order daily email with their statistic
  • Users can stop to show their banners to save impressions for a more intensive campaign.
  • Password/username reminder
  • Many more ...

Features & Options for Administrator

  • Possibility to set up banner dimensions
  • Possibility to set up exchange ratio - it can be different for each banner size
  • Real time statistics, statistic for each banner
  • Admin can select US/European time format
  • Advanced anti-cheat protection - the script checks IP of each impression and counts only a limited number of impression from each IP per day. This feature may be enabled/disabled by admin. Admin is able to find users who try to cheat.
  • Admin can see users with very low click ratio (it usually indicates cheating)
  • Automatic email to admin when a new user signed up
  • Automatic email to admin when a banner is modified
  • Admin can select if clicks on banners will open a new window or not
  • All new users must be approved by admin (optional)
  • Ability to send email to all users
  • Admin can add free impressions to any account, these may be used immediately or in steps. In other words, you can add 10,000 free impressions to any account but only 1,000 of them will be used daily.
  • Admin can take impressions from any account
  • Users can automatically get free impressions for referring new users
  • Banner exchange button/logo on the left or below all user's banners (admin selects)
  • Admin can prefer any ads - these banners get priority
  • Unlimited number of moderators with different rights
  • Database backup/restore functions
  • Many more ...

System Requirements

  • Apache web server
  • PHP 4.3 or higher
  • GD library 2.02 or higher (it's available in PHP by default)
  • MySQL database 4 or higher

If your server doesn't meet some of these requirements or if you are not sure, please contact us, it's possible that we will find a solution for you.

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