Link Up Gold - History

This list contains only important updates. Smaller updates are not listed.

  December 9, 2002 Version 0.9 First official release.

  November 17, 2002 Version 1.0 Added user defined fields, database backup, user registration and many other new functions, several bugs fixed.

  January 5, 2003 Version 1.07 Added ability to upload link images, ability to log searches and show top searches, on all pages now may be shown newest links, top searches, top rated links, popular links, more statistic info available on the home page, up to 10 user defined items for each link, more comfortable Admin Area, several other things have been added or improved, several bugs fixed.

  February 15, 2003 Version 1.1 Added uninstall feature, improved database backup, templates are now editable online, added template '_head.txt' which may be optionally inserted to the top of any or all pages, admin can set in which categories will be required recip link and which not, updated sponsored links - added ability to sell a limited number of days, ability to send emails in HTML format, several other items have been added or improved.

  April 17, 2003 Version 1.5 Added fully featured articles posting, totally updated admin area, many more features have been updated or optimized.

  July 12, 2003 Version 1.7 Added searching in articles, administrators for individual categories, "users online" feature, updated system of sponsored links - paid users now can use their funds for multiple links, they also can move funds from one link to another, several features updated.

  December 15, 2003 Version 2.0 Enhanced "styles" feature - each style now may have not only different colors but totally different templates (this can be used to create a multi-language directory), sponsors can select which price they want to pay for each click, more expensive links are higher, improved searching, the script now has 11 different styles, many new or updated features.

  October 6, 2004 Version 2.5 The biggest update in history of this script, 100's new and updated features. Main changes: unlimited number of "user defined items" for links, articles and categories, links and articles can be listed in multiple categories, forms on public pages are now even better customizable, added the option to use CAPTCHA image, many new options on public and admin pages.

  June 28, 2005 Version 3.0 Many new features, for example subcategories for articles, aliases and groups for categories, even more styles, favorite categories, new options for users (private notes, favorite links, articles), RSS output, Paypal IPN for advertisers, better rating system, the option to use Apache Rewrite Module and many more.

  February 12, 2006 Version 3.1 Updated HTML Plugin only. Added the option to create URL's with keywords by using Apache Rewrite module.

  May 8, 2006 Version 3.11 Updated the way how links to target sites in the directory are made. All these links are now fully search engine friendly, all search engines can follow these links.

  December 11, 2007 Version 4.0 Major update: AdWords (small ad boxes in the right column), unlimited number of pictures for each link and article, the ability to automatically create thumbnails of uploaded pictures, WYSIWYG HTML editor for links and articles, the option to allow access to categories and/or link and article detail pages for registered users only, detailed statistic for links, free links can be upgraded to advertising links and vice versa, the option to import links from Dmoz and Google, sitemap for Google and Yahoo, optional CAPTCHA image test in all forms, the option to allow submissions only for links that have Google rank better than X, even more styles for public pages, home page and categories can contain news taken from RSS feeds (you can have new fresh content many times a day, without any work), AJAX polls and ratings, PHP code can be used in templates, many other features added and updated.

  August 23, 2008 Version 5.0 Added news and videos, many other smaller changes.

  January 5, 2009 Version 6.0 Another major update: Public pages and administration totally redesigned, super search feature - the search form at the top of all pages now can search for content in all sections (links, articles, news and videos), each category can have its own icon, new menu on public pages, many other features added and updated.

  October 15, 2010 Version 7.0 Added blogs, added simple home page with welcome messages which automatically detect the country of each visitor, all pages have been optimized so the system now works much faster, many other smaller changes.

  September 8, 2012 Version 8.0 New style of pages, included maps, social features for users (wall, friends and others), Facebook login, new items can be automatically posted to Twitter, QR codes and many other changes.

  August 15, 2014 Version 9.0 Brand new design, all pages are now completely responsive. Many minor changes.

Link Up Gold

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Ad Manager Pro

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Text Exchange Pro

An unique text exchange script. Default templates with Google style text ads, any other text ad types can be created. Your users display links/ads of other users on their sites. You, as the owner of the exchange system take part of the impressions and clicks to advertise your own sites or for sale.